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Fall Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Now that Summer has officially transitioned to Fall, many of us are preparing for cooler weather. This probably means changing out our seasonal wardrobes from shorts and short sleeves to pants and sweaters and scheduling routine home maintenance to prepare … Read More

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How to Recognize the Signs of a Stroke

Every 40 seconds, someone living in the U.S. has a stroke. A stroke or “brain attack” occurs when brain cells are being deprived of oxygen and start to die. While most people affected by strokes are 65 years of age … Read More

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Signs a Senior Needs Help at Home

Admitting the need for help and accepting assistance is not easy for people as they age. The responsibility often falls on family members to recognize the signs that an aging loved one might need support with completing the activities of daily … Read More

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The Science Behind Positivity and a Longer Life

Some of the first explorers to land on American shores were seeking the fountain of youth. Our quest has yet to stop. Living well for as long as possible may be very much in our control through our thoughts and … Read More

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Positive Aging Tips to Have Energy at Any Age

Turns out we can’t blame our lack of energy on getting older. Not to say that some of us won’t, but we can no longer say, “Of course I don’t have energy, I’m old.” It is not the best idea … Read More

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